Microbes and Proteins with Superpowers Will Pop up in Zaragoza!

Following their successful and fun learning activities at the “Science in the City” Festival in Toulouse, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) has been invited to the “European Night of Researchers” in Zaragoza, on Sept 28th  2018.

This will be another great opportunity to showcase exciting research conducted within the EU funded innovative biotechnology projects MetaFluidics and CarbaZymes, in which UAM is an active partner.

Everyone is welcome to learn about and test those superpowers!

This research work was also presented as a poster at the Spanish Society for Microbiology conference on Teaching and Dissemination of Microbiology in Madrid in July, where it was awarded first prize. Jorge Bravo, MSc, received the prize on behalf of MetaFluidics, CarbaZymes and UAM.