The MetaFluidics Work package structure follows the workflow of metagenomics (WP2-5) and the whole project is driven by industrial targets with a clear focus on innovation and exploitation of project outputs (WP6).

Objectives of the different Work Packages

WP 1: Management (Lead: UAM)

Coordination of overall research tasks to ensure an objective-driven project supervision, EC and H2020 guidelines, with quality and ethics

WP2: Standardization, Sampling and Library Construction (Lead: BIRD)

Procure metagenomic DNA from existing samples and new (complementary) sampling sites, Develop enrichment methods for metagenomes in genetic traits of special interest, construct libraries in suitable expression systems

WP3: Expression and Screening (Lead: UCAM)

Establish extremophillic hosts for metagenome library expression in conventional or microfluidic format.

WP4: Bioinformatics (Lead: QIAAR)

Develop user-friendly and resource-efficient software for metagenomic data analysis

WP5: Application Development (Lead: PROZO)

Analyze the sequences of the recovered hits and characterize functionally and structurally the discovered products.

WP6: Innovation and Exploitation (Lead: DT)

Creation of the plan for dissemination and exploitation of results (PDER) and re-evaluation during project lifetime

WP7: Dissemination, Communication and Outreach (Lead: INSAT)

Create awareness about the project and the Framework program through efficient, targeted communication

WP8: Ethics (Lead: UAM)

set out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the project must comply with.