MetaFluidics Second Bioinformatics workshop

The second MetaFluidics bioinformatics workshop took place in Aarhus on 18th and 19th September 2017, organized and moderated by Work Package Leader Dr. Michael Lappe, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at QIAGEN Aarhus (Denmark). Within this forum, the 11 participants shared their views and experiences, sharing the results obtained after 12 months of this very exciting four-year interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation.

Fruitful discussions  

This advanced workshop focused on obtaining an overview of state-of-the-art tools in metagenomic NGS data analysis. The main objective was to provide an interactive forum open to both consortium members and associated bioinformaticians. Within this forum, participants identified main bottlenecks, collected suggestions for alternative implementations to currently used methods and discussed possible ideas for further improvements. With bioinformatics being a key enabling technology in the metagenomics field in the near future, the findings and resulting requirement specifications will influence software development within MetaFluidics to serve the research community for the remainder of the project.

The discussions covered a wide range of current topics such as de-novo enzyme discovery, microbial genome annotation, structure-function relationships, biosynthetic pathways and meta-transcriptomics. In summary, the workshop provided a very stimulating experience with discussions on relevant issues, opening up potential further collaborations. All participants contributed insights, shared experiences from different perspectives and exchanged useful hints, tips and links.

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