Summer Course on Extremophiles, University of Alicante

The Spanish Network of Extremophiles, in collaboration with European Projects MetaFluidics and Carbazymes, is organising the first edition of the International Summer Course “Technical approaches to the study of extremophiles” that will be held at the University of Alicante from June 26th to June 29th 2017.

This practical course will be taught by more than 15 experts in the study of extremophiles and will cover diverse aspects of the many technical challenges posed by the study of these microbes. The students will have the opportunity to work with cultures and natural samples from hot, hypersaline and acidic environments, among others. They will learn a wide suite of techniques from molecular ecology approaches, such FISH or metagenomics, the culture of extremophiles and their viruses, molecular biology and enzymology of thermophiles and halophiles, as well as microfluidics, among others. In addition, the course will include plenary talks on metaproteomics, the terrestrial Mars analogue Rio Tinto and the discovery of CRISPR systems, one of the hallmarks of extremophilic research.

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