“Proteins with Superpowers”: MetaFluidics at Science in the City (ESOF Toulouse 2018)

“Proteins with Superpowers” is an immersive experience in which participants will go through an interactive, hands-on, simulated process of discovering microbes in nature, extracting their enzymes and putting them to industrial use. The proposed activity seeks to communicate to a younger audience the relevance of microorganisms, enzymes and industrial biotechnology for the welfare of our society.

The MetaFluidics team has planned two different activities according to age groups:

  • Microbes with superpowers: an activity focused on microbes for children ages 6-13;
  • Enzymes with superpowers: an activity focused on enzyme discovery and application for participants ages 14 and above.

The proposed workshop will be complementary with the scientific session “Going to Extremes” also proposed by the MetaFluidics team during ESOF 2018.